CV Information
Start Year, Student Name, Category, Mode, Thesis Title, Supervisor Type
1 2022, HIDAYAH BINTI RAMLI, MSC, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Effect of Serotonin on Proliferative Capacity of Stem Cells from SHED (Stem Cells from Human Exfoliated Decidous Teeth), CO-SUPERVISOR
2 2022, NUR JULIA NABILA BINTI NASIR, MSC, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Proteomic Analysis of Signalling Pathway Involved in 3D Osteogenic Differentiation of Dental Stem Cells by Collagen Type 1 for Craniofacial Bone Regeneration., MAIN SUPERVISOR
3 2021, ALAZAZI ENTESAR AHMED ABDULLAH, MSC, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Anti cancer effect of paddy husk extracts in human salivary gland epidermoid cancer cells in vitro model, CO-SUPERVISOR
4 2021, NURULHUDA ATHIRAH BINTI HADRI, MSC, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Identification of Predominant Signalling Pathway in Osteogenic Gene Regulation of Dental Pulp Stem Cells by Collagen Type 1 ., MAIN SUPERVISOR
5 2021, VEITHESSWARY A/P MOGAN, MSC, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Fabrication of Alginate / Agarose Hydrogel Loaded with Silver as Bionanocomposite and the Antimicrobial activity Evaluation., CO-SUPERVISOR