CV Information
Start Year, Student Name, Category, Mode, Thesis Title, Supervisor Type
1 2021, SUBHAN, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Characteristics Habitat of Orangutan (Pongo abelii) in Singkil Swamp Wildlife Reserve, Aceh., CO-SUPERVISOR
2 2021, BENJAMIN GALEA, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Canopy Bridges to Facilitate the Safe Movement of Arboreal Primates Across Habitat Fragments in Peninsular Malaysia., MAIN SUPERVISOR
3 2020, KABIR MD TARIK, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Ecological and Behavioral Adaptations of the Western Hoolock Gibbon (Hoolock Hoolock Harlan, 1834) to Fragmented and Degraded Habitats in Bangladesh, MAIN SUPERVISOR
4 2018, MUHAMMAD ZAKI BIN ZAINOL, PHD, RESEARCH - PART TIME, Assessment of Illegal Online Trade and Wildlife Value Orientation (WVO) of Primates in Malaysia and its Implications for Local Primate Conservation Policies, CO-SUPERVISOR
5 2018, GIOVANNI VILLA, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Exploring the role of Macaca nemestrina as seed dispersers, MAIN SUPERVISOR