CV Information
Start Year, Student Name, Category, Mode, Thesis Title, Supervisor Type
1 2023, SITI NURIAH BINTI MOHD NOOR, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Investigating the Telomerase activity Influencing Telomere Length Due to Polyphenols for Cell Senescence Inhibition, MAIN SUPERVISOR
2 2021, DAWASAZ ALI AZHAR, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Salivary 1H NMR analysis in pediatric obesity and assessment of biomimetic remineralization by self-assembling p11-4 peptide and Calcium sodium phosphosilicate system in dentinal caries using microCT., MAIN SUPERVISOR
3 2020, MAHMOOD RIZWAN, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, In vitro healing potency of salivary exosome on periodontal ligament fibroblast cell lines: High throughput Next Genes Sequencing approach, CO-SUPERVISOR
4 2019, NOOR HUDA ISMAIL, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Physico-Mechanical and Cytotoxicity Properties of Newly Modified Dental Hybrid Composite Adhesive Cement Using Zirconia and Alumina Fillers, CO-SUPERVISOR
5 2019, FAYEZ HUSSAIN NIAZI, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, In-Vitro Antibacterial and Genotoxic Effects of Nano-Hydroxyapatite Silica Added GIC and its Dentine-Pulp Complex Reaction’s Evaluation in an Animal Model, CO-SUPERVISOR
6 2019, SITI NURNASIHAH BINTI MD HASHIM, PHD, RESEARCH - FULL TIME, Transcriptional Profiling of Keratinocyte Differentiation in Co-culture System, CO-SUPERVISOR